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Thirty-two years of
Consistent, Creative Innovations
for the High Performance Racing Industry

First Spragless1982 - First spragless racing converter.

1985 - Introduced the
"uni-length" PG input shaft to fit both 1.76 and 1.82 gear ratios.

Proline 60001998 - Proline 6000 System Lock Up trans and converter. Well before its time, banned the following year as too revolutionary and unfair to competition.

Straight Cut Gears2001 - Introduced the 1.80 straight cut gears. Made the helical 1.76 gears obsolete in 12 months.

Caddie Converter2004 - Pioneered the 10.5" Northstar Caddie pro mod converter. Became worlds fastest converter with ET 5.42 @ 264 mph.

300M Output Shaft2005 - Recognized the need for a 300M output shaft for high HP applications.

2006 - Developed the one piece super steel stator which eliminated the potential Steel Statorbreakage of 26 individual parts of the stator assembly used in all high HP allocations.

NASA Shaft
Launched the NASA ringed/ringless input shafts for HP rating to 2500.

2007 - Usage of forged billet cover for all racing converters gave dramatic increase in strength and efficiency over the weak OEM stamping.

Bolt Together-
The first spragless bolt together 10" and 10.5" converter.



Opel Pump2008 - Offered the 100% new aftermarket Opel pump and turbine to the Aftermarket Converter Industry.

T400 Output Shaft- Offered the
T-400 output
to Transmission builders
needing additional
strength for high HP applications.

Stealth2009 - Not only offered the finished PL Stealth 6500 to tranny rebuilders, but sold the finished oversized input shafts, output shafts, hubs and gears to all qualified WDs.

Steel Pump- Pioneered the first PG solid steel pump with all steel gears for stock, ringless and Oversized
input applications.

Steel Stator- Developed the ultimate
steel stator
for increased converter efficiency.

Aftermarket PG Case2010 - SFI approved aftermarket PG case with
matching tail housing.

Yoke- Aftermarket PG forged yoke for use with bearing.


Aftermarket Pump and Turbine- 100% new aftermarket
9" pump and turbine
for all 9" racing converters.

10" 6L80E- Developed the 10" 6L80E high performance torqueconverter for the 2010 Camaro.

Super 9- Developed the Super 9
racing converter with the aerospace turbine
, the first new technological advance in torque converter design in 10 years.

Dodge Cummins Pump- Introduced the Cummins pump and turbine.



PG Internal Rebuild

2011 - Offered the individual parts with the PG internal rebuild kit to build a PG transmission.

  A note of organizations that we are either members of or involved with include but are not limited to:
ATRA - Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association
TCRA - Torque Converter Rebuilders Association
GEARS - Gears Magazine
PRI - Performance Racing Industry
IHRA - International Hot Road Association
NHRA - National Hot Rod Association
PRI - Performance Racing Industry
Atco Raceway - Track Sponsor of the Year
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